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May 12

Jumping in as the new AIGA Communications Director


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Not long after I gave a lecture at our studio to the local Charlotte chapter of AIGA, I was asked by the chapter's president, Chris Bradle, to join the group's board of directors. AIGA is the oldest and largest membership association for professionals engaged in the discipline, practice, and culture of designing. Nationally, the AIGA represents 22,000 designers through 59 national affiliates and 240 student groups.

The role he had in mind for me was Communications Director. I would be responsible for keeping our membership and local media informed about the happenings of the chapter and work with the event coordinators to properly promote upcoming chapter events. I accepted the position late last year. The first thing I wanted to focus on was revamping the chapter's website. Luckily, the board's Internet Director, Taylor Nall, agreed it needed some attention. Taylor and I created a plan where I would do the design as well as find local designers to volunteer to redesign our event series graphics and he would program the new chapter website. It's not often that I get to work with designers and web developers outside of Union (formerly Studiobanks), so it was an exciting opportunity for me. We presented our plan to our fellow board members. We walked them though our vision of an enhanced events section (our chapter is, in fact, one of the most active chapters, hosting 3 or 4 events per month), blog style news (so our membership would have a way to "join the discussion"), resource section and other details.

A few weeks ago, the chapter held a Talk About event that featured renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister who spoke about his work and new book. The event boasted the largest attendance in chapter history and was the perfect opportunity for Taylor and I to announce the launch of the new website to our membership.

Later this month, Taylor and I will travel to Omaha, Nebraska for the national AIGA leadership retreat with two other local board members. I'm hoping to learn ways to improve my performance as Communications Director as well as improve the chapter in general.


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