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Jun 20

How to Optimize & Improve Your Website | The 2 Minute Challenge


In: Strategy Insights

"I Looked At Your Website … And I Still Don’t Know What You Do."

Let’s face it, you’ll rarely hear these words out loud, but you and I both know lots of people are thinking it and don’t have the guts to tell you.

  •  – Your business model, products or focus has shifted over time and instead of cleaning out old content you have just added new stuff, over and over and over again. You’ve gotten used to clutter so you hardly see it anymore.
  • The Genius – You talk as if everyone visiting your site understands your industry or product. Words and acronyms that are so familiar to you are not resonating with visitors … unless, of course, you count your competitors.
  • The Politician – Your website messaging attempts to appeal to so many audiences with so many key messages your visitors can’t easily see who you are and what you do.
  • The Malnourished – Your website doesn’t often get enough servings of fresh content. You have an outdated blog, news section and any content strategy you once had is collecting dust in an electronic file in the clouds.

If so, fortunately there’s help for you. By taking a fresh look at your company’s key messages, revenue drivers and target audiences you can drive the response you need from your website. If the only people providing feedback on your online experience are on your payroll, you might be missing valuable perspective.

If this applies to you, start by taking the 2-Minute Challenge.

Ask three people outside of your company, including one outside of your industry, to look at your website for two minutes and tell you:

1. What does your company do or sell?

2. Who is your target audience?

3. In what ways does your site encourage them to engage with you?

Chances are, your company has great potential to get a lot more bang for your virtual buck. Check out this recent post about the results of a platform re-design for Dublin Dog where these simple exercises led to uncovering strategies that created improvements across the board.

If you’d like, contact one of our team members to participate in your 2-Minute challenge—and discuss the findings over a cup of coffee.


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