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May 07

GUNK Digital Marketing Campaign


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by Union

Gunk® is the leader and most trusted name in the engine cleaning and degreasing industry. But Gunk wanted people to know that its cleaners can tackle more than just a dirty engine. Its loyal customer base – and the new customers it was hoping to attract – weren’t getting the whole story. The toughest engine cleaner in America needed to be reintroduced to a new generation of grease monkeys.

Union (formerly Studiobanks) put the “Rocky” theme song on repeat in the office and met the challenge head on. We partnered with Birdsong Gregory to develop a multifaceted digital marketing campaign that was centered on the notion of “tough.” The inspiration behind the rebranding was the American garage – hard as nails, greasy, and in need of a serious cleaning. New messaging included catch-phrases like, “As tough as the guys who use it” and “As tough as a one-eyed junkyard dog.”

We used a variety of targeted digital tactics to tap into customers’ passion for all things automotive. We launched a digital campaign that included traditional search engine marketing, pay per click ads, and a sweepstakes to grow the company’s Facebook audience and email distribution list. A dynamic landing page chock full of Gunk’s new creative messaging drove tons of engagement to the Facebook sweepstakes where users could win tool chests, mini fridges, tools, free Gunk, and other great prizes.

The results said it all. Gunk connected to its audience like never before and drove impressive sales across all products. In the first month, we generated 40 million impressions, Facebook “likes” were up over 969%, and website traffic was up over 130%. The sweepstakes generated over 30,000 entries, and momentum continues to grow for the brand as a whole.


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