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Feb 16

Guidelines for Online Success


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When I first learned that Rob Ford from The FWA edited a book entitled Guidelines for Online Success, I immediately went out and purchased it. After all, I’m a Flash developer and I avidly check what’s on The FWA – naturally, I’m curious to know what they would recommend as “guidelines for online success.”

The chapters are arranged by subject (interface & design, marketing & communication, technology & programming, technical advice, content/content management and e-commerce), each with an introduction from an experienced member of the industry. For the most part these intros give you a nice bit of insight into the mindsets of some of the bigger names in web design. The intro by Martin Hughes and Jordan Stone of WEFAIL was particularly good. After the introduction, each chapter then proceeds into a series of do/don’t type lists with examples of sites relating to each list’s topic. This is where they really dropped the ball. Most of the advice they give can pretty much be boiled down to common sense. You’re supposed to use good quality images on your sites? People don’t like annoying Flash intros? No kidding! And since the majority of the example sites in the book were launched between 2004 and 2006, the majority of examples given have already become outdated already.

If you’re looking for anything other than a common sense refresher, you’ll find yourself somewhat disappointed with Guidelines for Online Success. I wouldn’t recommend Guidelines for Online Success, unless you want an FWA link dump from the last eight years.


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