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Mar 05

Bourne Partners, Clarity is Key


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by Union

Having a complex marketing message in the highly technical field of financial advising, investment and consulting made it difficult for Bourne Partners to clearly communicate its key offerings and core principles. The company took the first step by coming up with the idea for a newly configured business model based around its four major divisions: Healthcare Merchant Banking, Investment Banking, Alternative Assets, and Management Consulting.

But they weren't sure where to go from there...and that's when Bourne Partners made a call to Union (formerly Studiobanks). Always ready to take on a tough case, the team gathered its resources and got down to business. Our strategy for success was centered on two major goals: 1.) clearly defining Bourne's new business model, and 2.) developing a new plan for the website structure. 

By working with the client, gathering valuable information, and having plenty of brainstorming sessions fueled by pizza, the Union team was able to cleanly separate, name, and communicate each of Bourne's four main business offerings. We then set out to redefine the website structure - and boy did we! The company's main website got a facelift, and each of the four divisions received its own microsite with unique URL, allowing users to be directed to the exact place they wanted to go.

The result is a much more user-friendly site designed to help people find out more about Bourne Partners as a whole, as well as get more division-specific information when needed. Union added plenty of extra goodies too, like incorporating custom photography that represent the stature of the firm and makes its employees more approachable, and new logos for the main website and each of its four divisions.


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