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Sep 07

Bojangles' Friend Biscuit Facebook App Launches


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With a fierce following of passionate fans for whom “Like” is an understatement, Bojangles’ wanted to expand its social media strategy with a branded Facebook app that encourages their fans to spread the word about Bojangles’. The newly launched, Friend Biscuit is a Facebook app that challenges users to amass the most friends who “Like” Bojangles’ on Facebook. The app fills a virtual biscuit with pictures of the users’ friends, and then rewards the user with the biggest Friend Biscuit with gift cards and other prizes including a grand prize of free Bojangles’ for a year. The only question we had was: where do we sign up?

After seeking some perfectly seasoned inspiration at our local Bojangles’ restaurant, our team dove right in, developing a fun, intuitive user experience. Designed to match the feel of BooneOakley’s “It’s Bo Time!” campaign, the app appears as a tab on Bojangles’ Facebook page and includes a dashboard that lets users see their friend biscuit to check their progress, provides information about prizes, and lets users invite their friends to join the contest.

With a desktop website, a mobile site, a newsroom microsite and now a Facebook App all cooked up by Union (formerly Studiobanks) in partnership with BooneOakley, Bojangles’ has a digital presence that’s as expansive as their fan base.


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