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Mallory Starnes

Jul 26

Digital Platform Launches for American Forest Management

In: Recent Work

This June, UNION launched the new digital platform for American Forest Management, Inc. (AFM), the largest forest consulting and real estate brokerage firm in the United States. With over 260 employees operating in 49 offices across 17 states, AFM has the size and support of a large company, but the benefit of boots on the ground, allowing them to invest in relationships and build expertise on a local level. Having just completed a comprehensive rebranding with the aim of setting themselves apart from their competitors, AFM was in need of a dynamic platform that showcased their new branding while highlighting their wide range of service offerings in a captivating and organized design.

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May 12

Use Your Outside Voices - Lessons in Leadership

In: Strategy Insights

It’s highlighted in every business self-help book, career growth chart and presidential debate. Leadership. We all generally know what it means, but it’s still a pretty elusive term. If you picture a leader in your head, it’s likely that you’ll think of a successful CEO or beloved politician. Someone with authority and power. Someone who has it all together and knows how to make decisions.

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