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Josh Price

May 30

Building Customer Loyalty Programs That Work In Digital

In: Strategy Insights

How many loyalty programs are you signed up for? How many do you actually use? In a 2016 sample of over 19,000 North American consumers, the average person was a member of about 13 different loyalty programs, but was only active in seven during the past year. Many loyalty programs offer an initial incentive for signing up, but leave the consumer with little motivation to continue. Difficult to navigate points systems, poor digital experiences, and lack of personalization are all common culprits in the failure of most of these programs.

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Oct 17

Social Media Marketing: How to Choose the Best Platform

In: Strategy Insights

Having a social media presence has long been a requirement rather than an option. Despite this, many businesses are still unsure exactly which platforms make the most sense for their business, and how to best utilize the paid advertising features across each one. Figuring out how to advertise on Facebook effectively can increase your overall marketing ROI dramatically. The first step in finding out where to spend your money is to better understand each unique social media marketing platform.

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