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Christy Dukes

Mar 17

The Future of Mobile Video Advertising

In: Strategy Insights

If you follow the digital marketing space at all, hearing that “mobile and video are the future” is likely a familiar sentiment. The predictions of the past few years have been spot on—mobile and video are officially the present. In 2016 more than half of all views on YouTube were from mobile and over 1,000,000,000 mobile videos are watched on the platform each day. Considering we check our phones about 75 times a day, the need for mobile advertising to adapt is obvious. Which raises key questions—what does great mobile video advertising look like? How does your ad change to better suit the mobile viewer, and what can we expect to see going forward?

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Dec 30

Survey Questions: Three Ways to Build Your Digital Strategy with Data

In: Strategy Insights

By 2017 it’s expected that advertising spend on Digital will overtake TV. (Source: eMarketer Inc.) This represents a momentous shift in marketers fundamental approach to reaching their target audiences.

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Sep 29

When to Hire a Pro: DIY vs. Professional Marketing

In: Strategy Insights

As a recent homeowner, I’ve ambitiously approached my new role as a chance to explore my creative side, learn some new skills and save some cash by taking on some household projects. I’ve scoured YouTube for instructions on refinishing furniture, installing towel racks, sealing grout and staining decks … I could go on and on.

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Aug 12

Event: Content Marketing - Challenges, Planning and Learning Opportunities

In: Company News

UNION will host the AMA on Tuesday, August 16, as they present a digital focused event on Content Marketing! Christine Brownlow, Manager of Brand and Digital at Hendrick Motorsports, will discuss content marketing planning techniques, possible challenges and more. Christine will explore:

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Mar 25

New Website Design for Highwoods Properties

In: Recent Work

We're excited to announce the launch of a new digital marketing platform for Highwoods Properties. This new website design creates a clean and modern look, featuring bold imagery and intuitive navigation.

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Jul 11

Virtual Real Estate | 5 Key Considerations for Online Real Estate Marketing

In: Strategy Insights

The typical real estate agent is known for being friendly, detail oriented, optimistic, having the “insider scoop” on what’s happening in the local market ... and, quite honestly, fairly good looking. While I’m not sure which one of those qualities sells the most properties, I do know that it’s easier if they are all part of the package.

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Jun 20

How to Optimize & Improve Your Website | The 2 Minute Challenge

In: Strategy Insights

"I Looked At Your Website … And I Still Don’t Know What You Do."

Let’s face it, you’ll rarely hear these words out loud, but you and I both know lots of people are thinking it and don’t have the guts to tell you.

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