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Alex Via

Nov 14

Millennial Strategy Firm's New Brand Identity and Digital Platform Launch

In: Recent Work

We are excited to announce a new digital marketing platform launch and logo for Purpose Generation. Purpose Generation is an insights and strategy firm that helps companies successfully engage with millennials.

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Jun 17

Digital Platform Launches for the "Next" Generation of NASCAR Drivers

In: Recent Work

We are proud to announce the launch of a new digital platform for NASCAR Next. The program was created as a way to honor the up-and-coming future stars of auto racing while at the same time providing valuable training and mentoring for interacting with the media, fans, and more.

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Feb 10

UNION Launches Digital Platform for Contact Center Intelligence Leader

In: Recent Work

A top digital marketing agency based out of Charlotte, NC, UNION recently launched a new digital platform for Aceyus, a strategic leader in the Contact Center Intelligence industry.

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Jul 10

Carousels Are Not Fun For Anyone

In: Strategy Insights

Carousels are no longer fun. As it turns out, they were never really fun. And I know what you’re thinking — unfortunately, we will not be discussing how kids interact with those merry-go-rounds full of creepy horses. Instead, we’re talking about those rotating teasers of content that are featured prominently on so many homepages. 

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