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Feb 01

Asana Holds a Media Night, Launches New Website


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Last night, Asana Activewear held a Media Night. It was a PR event that catered to local media, in efforts to make them more aware of the new activewear apparel store. Owner Gary Schwake, spoke in front of the media to describe his vision and goals for the store. He explained how Asana is more that a store that sells clothes but is a hub for the active lifestyle community. Partnering with local yoga studios, gyms, and fitness centers Asana is able to offer their customers with more than the latest fashion trends, but with valuable information about the happenings throughout the active community. It was this unique community hub concept that was the inspiration of the Asana logo we designed.

Later in his presentation he announced the launch of AsanaActivewear.com a website we recently designed. The website offers a directory to find local studios and trainers, a community calendar that you can either post events on or search to find other local fitness events. Also, each month Asana picks a “Hero of the Month”, an instructor or trainer that helps to motivate people to live an active lifestyle. We built a section that highlights these Heroes and gives them their due recognition. Of course the website also allows users to learn more about the store and the brands they carry, but it is the community aspect that Gary is most proud of. Check out some photos we took at the event.


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