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May 12

Announcing the 2015 Digital Marketing Scholarship Winner


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UNION would like to thank everyone that applied for this year's digital marketing scholarship. We received an overwhelming response from students located all over the United States. After reviewing all of the entries, UNION is thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2015 Kelly Somey Digital Marketing Scholarship is Laura Yacoubian.

Laura is a senior at Greencastle-Antrim High School, in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Next fall, she will be attending Liberty University.

Creativity Awoken

From an early age, creativity was something that came naturally to Laura. While other kids were outside playing capture the flag, she was busy designing PowerPoint presentations and brochures to convince her parents to let her get a dog or get her ears pierced. 

While this creativity evolved into drawing and painting as she grew older, it eventually dwindled when she reached middle school. Fortunately, that changed during her Sophomore year when she met a no-nonsense art teacher by the name of Carolyn Baker.

Laura describes Mrs. Baker as a “tough, blonde goddess whose lipstick always matched her blouse” and who “never took any excuse for a late or half-finished assignment that was not up to the student’s potential.” 

“Mrs. Baker opened my eyes to the fact that I could create the kind of work that was both valuable and beautiful for the client and earn a living from it,” Laura says. “With Mrs. Baker’s help and guidance, I am excited about pursuing a career in digital marketing."

Thank You Participants

To all of the participants in this year’s digital marketing scholarship competition: Thank you for sharing your personal stories. The UNION team enjoyed reading each essay, and we encourage all of you to continue pursuing careers in digital marketing

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