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Oct 26

Andy's 24 Hour Game-A-Thon


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Well, October 15th has come and gone and I successfully completed 24 hours of gaming for charity as party of the As promised here's my recap of those physically demanding 24 hours.

My attempt at live streaming experienced a bit of a hiccup, since I couldn’t get the voice audio working which left me feeling pretty disconnected from everyone. Fortunately, my dogs and wife were around to keep me company. After about eight hours of continuous gaming, boredom and tiredness started to kick in, but like the heroic, unfailingly selfless person that I am, I persevered through this shadowy valley. Well, except for about two hours around 3am when I feel asleep. Not to worry, though, I made up the time the next morning!

That's me in the upper right hand corner looking well rested and overly enthusiastic about two hours in. I didn't manage to beat Cave Story (yet), but the game is pretty awesome.

The whole thing was pretty fun and a cool way to help out a charity doing the things you enjoy doing anyway. The live streaming definitely helped keep things interesting, but getting my mic working would have made gameplay much more interactive and helped keep me awake. At the very least, I would have been able to do some solid trash talking.

I’m still getting donations, which is pretty amazing, and as of October 24th I’ve raised a total of $424 for Golisano Children’s Hospital, which is more than double my original goal! So far the Extra-Life charity has raised 1.1 million total from the gaming event. Pretty incredible for a bunch of people loafing around and playing video games. Thanks again to everyone who donated!


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