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Apr 02

2010 Center City Vision Awards


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Living, working (and playing) in Center City has been especially gratifying over the last several years. One of my favorite events is attending the Center City Vision Awards. It's a wonderful evening of celebrating successes from the previous year and an opportunity to look at what's next. Here's more detail from Charlotte Center City Partners' on what to expect this year:

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The 2010 Center City Vision Awards will recognize and celebrate the contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations that have made the Center City a more vibrant urban core. This year, Charlotte Center City Partners is proud to honor Leon and Sandra Levine with the 2010 Center City Vision Award. Another exciting part of the evening will be the opportunity to look into the next decade and consider the opportunities and work that lies ahead to meet this potential. Following hundreds of hours of community input, we are half way through our 2020 Vision Plan study period. Our Plan Consultant, MIG principal, Daniel Iacofano, will provide his look into the future of Center City Charlotte based on his preliminary insights and study of building great downtowns.

Other special guests include Mayor Anthony Foxx and County Commission Chairman Jennifer Roberts.

In addition, we will recognize award winners that have had a major impact on Center City’s on-going transformation and the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of our businesses, institutions or retailers who have been key contributors to Center City’s quality of life.

For details on table purchases or ticket sales, contact Mark Williams at (704) 332-2227 or mwilliams@charlottecentercity.org.


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